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Always take time to enjoy your tea!

U.S. Deliveries -Shipping & Handling
Our shipping rates are based on the total dollar amount of your order as outlined below.

You can track your FedEx shipment below using either the Order Number or the Tracking Number.

Track by Order Number

  1. Enter your SALES RECEIPT # in the field below.
  2. Click the button labeled Track by Order #

Order Number:

Track by Tracking Number

  1. Enter your Tracking Number.
  2. Click the button labeled Track by Tracking #.
Tracking Number:

All items ship from:
Blue Moon Tea,
Pacific Brewery Bldg.,
2501 S. Hood Street
Tacoma WA 98402

Ground Time - in - Transit Map for shipping FedEx Ground
Time-in-Transit from: TACOMA, WA. 98402

Please note: FedEx does not deliver on Ground, 2day or 3 Day shipment on Weekends and Holidays. The first day of shipping is the next day after your package ships.


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