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Gourmet Whole Peppercorns, Sugar & Spices

Gourmet Time Saving Ideas

Planning your meals need not be complicated or stressful. While there are many traditions associated with gourmet cooking, there is actually a great deal of flexibility and room for time saving innovations.

A traditional menu will include three courses: salad or soup meat and vegtables, and sweet and savory. Broaden these categories and you'll find there's many ways to put your personal touch on your meal. Of course, there's also nothing wrong with a easy to make approach!
For an updated variation on a easy to make ideas include anything from picking a menu with particular ingredient. For example, a green salad with vegetables can be made with baked goods and also iced tea as a beverage. You can also take the traditional structure of an dinner menu and substitute uncommon selections within each course. Dietary restrictions, such as a guest who is gluten-intolerant or has other food allergies, are an opportunity for fresh made vegetables with a chutney for a fresh taste.
Instead of scones, try small muffins or a tea cake. For the savory course, make mini quiches without the crust or add some flair to your meal with unusual condiments.