Moringa Tea

Moringa tea is an emerging healthy tea. It’s a truly unique tea, combining antioxidants and multiple health benefits with amino acid nutrient values.

Dietary benefits of Moringa Tea

This tea has become extremely popular as a great tea for health conscious people, with good reason. It contains a range of nutrients:

Amino acids

Moringa tea contains a range of essential amino acids, the daily nutrient requirement for building protein. Essential amino acids are the amino acids that the body can’t make for itself. These critical nutrients are a must-have for good health.

Moringa tea is an alternative to conventional dietary supplements, providing a healthy supply of essential amino acids without the unwanted fillers and sugars contained in most mainstream supplements. Moringa tea, is a full spectrum supplement in a convenient, delicious drink. Moringa powder is used to make smoothies,or mixed in salad dressings or guacamole. It can also be sprinkled on your meals once they have been prepared. We advise against cooking Moringa because heat will significantly reduce the potency of the vitamins. Moringa Capsules, is the easy way to get all this nourishment. Promotes proper digestion. Acts as an antioxidant. Takes care of the immune system of the body. Increases the Natural Defenses of the body. Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain. Helps to Reduce Blood Glucose Level.


Chlorophyll is one of the classic nutrients in the human diet. It provides magnesium, an essential mineral for the nervous system, brain, and digestion. Chlorophyll is a good stomach settler, and is in fact marketed as an individual dietary supplement in its own right.


The name "phytonutrients" means “plant nutrients. Moringa tea is rich in these nutrients, including

  • Flavonoids -Sometimes called “the world’s healthiest foods”, working with Vitamin C in cellular repair and body maintenance roles, also acting to detoxify and as anti-inflammatories
  • Inositol phosphates - B vitamin group related phosphates
  • Carotenoids -Related to Vitamin A, used to metabolize Vitamin A and for core metabolic functions, immune system boosters
  • Potassium - Another essential mineral, used in countless roles in metabolism, cellular and nervous system functions
  • Vitamin C- The all-purpose fixer in the body. Moringa tea contains 7 times more Vitamin C than oranges.
  • Copper -Used in formation of red blood cells in conjunction with iron
  • Zinc - Immune system support, skin, enzyme functions, wound healing, and metabolism of carbohydrates
  • Iron - Used for formation of red blood cells, oxygenation of the blood, respiration, and in various mineral compounds like iron phosphate as an anti-inflammatory.

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