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Monkey Picked Oolong Tea 4 oz

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Price: $21.95

  • Monkey Picked Oolong Tea 4 oz
  • (121A-4)
  • A superb oolong. Lightly oxidized.
  • An excellent tea.
  • Region: China.
  • The tea that grew wild in the Wuyi Mountains was once so difficult to harvest that it was said only monkeys could gather leaves from such inaccessible mountain cliffs.
  • Therefore, south China tea merchants traditionally called their best tea ""monkey-picked"" to signify its rarity.
  • A proprietor's monkey-picked tea is like his calling card, representing his tea philosophy. No traditional tea merchant calls a tea monkey-picked lightly!
  • In fact, tea is nowhere plucked by monkeys and it never has been, but the Englishman Aeneas Anderson accepted the myth of simian assisted tea when on the 1793 embassy to China and carried the story home with him to England.
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