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Black Swan Yixing Tea Set

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Price: $39.95

  • Black Swan Yixing Tea Set
  • (3025)
  • Black Swan Yixing Tea Set
  • Yixing Ware teapots have a history dating back to the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) when purple clay was first discovered.
  • This striking swan set incorporates the body of the swan as the pot and the head and neck make up the handle on both the teapot and the tea cups (2)
  • Yixing pots are known as the "best vessels for brewing" by Chinese tea enthusiasts.
  • The pot holds 8 ounces.The cup holds 3 ounces.
  • The teapot is 5 in. tall from its base to the top of the swan's neck, and 6 inches long from handle to spout.