Tea Cosy

Our high quality teapots conduct heat very well to brew the tea, but lose heat rapidly if left exposed. A tea cozy locks in the heat, and protects hands from hot surfaces.

Tea cosy are great for accident prevention, too, both for kids and preventing the teapot from moving around and doing "collateral damage" to your furniture if there's a spill.

Tes cozy are also truly great presentation pieces. We have a huge selection of tea cozies that are perfect for an elegant tea party or for a comfortable, relaxing cup of great tea at home.

Blue Moon Tea Unique Tea Cozy

Our designer tea cozies are designed to provide full heat insulation, with no annoying, dangerous ties, or fragile ribbons. Our unique tea cozy slip easily over the teapot, sealing in the heat.

Blue Moon Tea's tea pot cozy at a glance:

  • Hand made
  • Ultra-durable
  • Large size tea cozies, suitable for big teapots up to six cups
  • Fully insulated
  • Washable fabric (hand wash, line dry)
  • Huge selection of colorful designs and motifs

Choosing your tea cozy

Tea cozies are centerpieces of your tea set. You can choose from our vast selection of designs to match your tea set and dining layout. Our designs include traditional, elegant formal, floral, and fun designs.

Our selection includes a full spectrum of color choices, and designer crafted tea cozies like:

Ordering Your Tea Cozies

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Need to know more?

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