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Tea Amount of Tea Water Temperature Amount of water* Steeping Time
White Tea 1.5 tsp 160 - 170° F 8 oz 3 min.
Japanese Green Tea 1.5 tsp 170 - 180° F 8 oz 3 min.
Green Tea 1.5 tsp 175 - 185 ° F 8 oz 3 min.
Oolong Tea 1.5 tsp 170 - 185° F 8 oz 4 min.
Herbal Tea 1.5 tsp 208° F 8 oz 7 min.
Darjeeling First Flush 1.5 tsp 194° F 8 oz 2 to 3 min.
Whole leaf Black Tea 1.5 tsp 203° F 8 oz 3 min.
Broken leaf Black Tea, BOP 1.5 tsp 203° F 8 oz 2 to 3 min.
Black Tea in Fannings, BOPF 1.5 tsp 203° F 8 oz 2 min.
Flavored Black Tea 1.5 tsp 203° F 8 oz 3 min.
Flavored Green Tea 1.5 tsp 194° F 8 oz 3 min.

Black Tea, Oolong Tea,

and Flavored Tea :

  1. Pre-heat the teapot, rinsing iwith warm water.
  2. Place a teaspoon of tea per cup in the strainer and let it stand for a few moments, allowing the steam to begin developing the leaves aroma.
  3. Pour simmering water on the tea so that all the leaves are covered.
  4. Let the tea steep
    • About 2 minutes for fannings
    • About 3 minutes for broken leaf teas
    • About 5 minutes for whole leaf teas
    • Barely 3 minutes do the first flush Darjeeling
  5. It is important to remove the strainer or filter with the leaves. The tea must then be stired and finally poured. Teas from great tea gardens should not be drunk too hot; let them stand a few moments after steeping, so that the palate can better appreciate the subtle tea fragrances.

White and Green Tea :

  1. Pre-heat the teapot
  2. Place the appropriate amount of tea per person or cup. Let the tea leaves stand for a few moments to allow the steam to begin developing the aroma..
  3. Let the tea steep :
    • For green tea, 1 to 3 minutes
    • For the white tea Yin Zhen, 15 minutes
    • For the white teas Pain Mu Tan, 7 minutes
  4. Remove the tea leaves, stir and serve.

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